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  • Elderlove Nursing Home
  • Elderlove Nursing Home
  • Elderlove Nursing Home
  • Elderlove Nursing Home
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  • Health • 健康

  • Happiness • 幸福

  • Pride • 尊严

Elderlove Living Care & Rehabilitation Centre

is a brand new concept and scientific way of elderly care, nursing home and rehabilitation. At Elderlove, we not only give care from the heart, provide home like comfort, building safe living environment to elderly but we also emphasize on the general well being of the residents from the aspects of body, mind and soul. Besides refine long term care for the resident (assisted living nursing care, healthy living nursing care), skilled nursing care and rehabilitation care are also the other important components of integrated care in our nursing home.

Our team of professionally trained staff, along with our specialized doctors, certified nurses, and physiotherapists are always ready to ensure the wellbeing of our residents. What sets us apart is our mission towards providing a lifestyle that is not just healthy, but well-rounded and fulfilled, exactly how we would wish to spend our own golden years.

The decision of choosing our nursing home & elderly care service is simple. We want the best in environment for the elderly. In order to achieve a standard in living, we chose a place that has a large living space, yet warm and filled with charisma, clean yet never too far from the grasps of nature, and medically advanced to ensure a worry-free stay here at Elderlove. At the end of the day, it is the joy, the comforts and the love felt by the elderly that counts.

Elderlove Nursing Home




Web-based Nursing Home System

Scoring System

It brings you closer to your loved one by allowing you to access the vital signs online for Blood Pressure, Pulse, Glucose and Weight, anywhere and anytime.

Nursing Care Mobile App

Enhanced Nursing Home System

Nursing System

Our own Enhanced Nursing Scoring System determines the level of care through scientific way and monitors the progress of residents

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